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Conference Program

P.S : Participants who has not registered yet are expected to register until 8th of June. We regret to announce that unregistered papers will be withdrawn from the conference after 8th of June.

EBEN 28th Annual Conference, Istanbul 2015

26-28 June 2015

On behalf of the Turkish Network for Business Ethics (EBEN-TR), Hacetepe University Center for Business and Professional Ethics is organizing the annual conference for its European umbrella organization (The European Business Ethics Network – EBEN). The conference will take place in Istanbul from 26-28 June 2015.The venue of the event is WOW HOTEL, located very close to International Ataturk Airport.

EBEN and its annual conference brought together academics from almost all European countries and also from beyond Europe. With its annual meetings the EBEN-TR will address practitioners from companies, associations, NGOs, political institutions and from the media. We welcome participants from all continents, among them decision makers from the world of business, as well as multipliers from science and teaching.

Theme: Business Ethics, Peace and Environmental Issues

Business ethics is not an intellectual game and not limited to the narrow issues of business organizations, such as code of conducts, ethics hotlines, mobbing, sexual harassment and so on Business ethics also includes issues that go beyond the firm. Peace studies and environmental sustainability are increasingly becoming attractive issues among academia. Peace can be regarded as world peace between states, or peace in the work place between employees and management. World peace can be directly affected by multinational business organizations. Defense and energy industries may support, encourage or even initiate local military operations by big military powers. Therefore, some global industries need ethical questioning. Business may threaten world peace through lobbying or corruption. Stakeholders are defined as a group of people who can affect or can be affected by the decisions or actions of a business organization. However, when a global business firm affect world peace whole populations of the world become stakeholder of the company. It shows that macro or global impacts of multinational firms need more scholarly attention in the field of business ethics.

Peace in the work place is more micro issue but is not less important. Permanent conflicts in the work place can harm the well-being of employees and also the productivity of the business. Here, business ethics begins to interact with peace building and conflict resolution dynamics. The theories of peace building also raise questions for ethical theory and for ethical dialogue.

Sustainable development has been a part of economics since the middle of 20th century. After 1980, global environmental threads such as ozone depletion or global warming have become more visible in daily life. People around the world now are more sensitive towards environmental issues. Unlike world peace, natural environment can be affected by activities of a small business firm. Environmental ethics refers specifically to the natural world of which humans are a part, including landscapes which function according to evolutionary natural process. But, since humankind has substantially altered many natural systems the environment also includes areas manipulated for the human use including landscapes. Environmental ethics forces us to rethink the boundaries of the morally considerable, not least in area of responsibility

We encourage academicians in Europe and around the world to submit scholarly papers to EBEN AC 2015 in Istanbul, especially regarding business ethics, peace and environmental issues. Papers about other business ethics areas are also welcome.